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Looking for creative, cost-effective methods to distribute rich media content? Mobile marketing methods that can substantially raise your ROI?


Here's the solution: Bluetooth Marketing, an amazing system that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to target your audience at close proximity to your establishment with the direct response message.


Bluetooth Proximity Mobile Marketing allows for the distribution of rich media content like Animated Ads, Videos, Mobile Ads, and applications to mobile phones, laptops, and other Bluetooth-enabled handheld devices. Content that is engaging, interactive, and informative.


The formula works when these wireless devices are relatively close to virtually any public and private spaces that are equipped with a Bluetooth MediaServer.



bluetooth message


Step 1: Prospect passes by to close proximity of your establishment.
Step 2: Receives a notification of the message on the phone.
Step 3: Prospect accepts message
Step 4: Prospect takes Action



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